Wide West

Contains: rapid weight gain, force feeding, clothes popping, hairy, moobs, fatpad, small penis, musk, sweat, slobbishness, pig talk, humiliation/degradation, master/sub talk, anal sex

During the dangerous times of the Wild West, a famous outlaw Black named Bill gets captured by a gang he had robbed. What Bill doesn't expect is when they start completely filling him up with fat. They make sure too, that he knows just how pathetic he'll look when they're done with him.

Illustrated | Text Only

We've all heard stories about gunslingers of the Old West. From cowboys and lawmen to outlaws, gangs and their great heists. Among such outlaws was a man named William Quincy. A cold-hearted thief and murderer, there were very few things he wouldn't do for the sake of riches. That combined with his incredible aptitude as a gunman eventually netted him the grandiose title of "Black Bill, the deadliest gunslinger in all of Wild West".

The sun was setting and Bill was on his way to the saloon. He was quite a handsome man: nice physique, slicked back hair and a scruffy beard, few weeks old from its last shave. He was very much the stereotypical image of a manly, rugged man.

Bill was exactly as the legends painted him: cold, ruthless and precise. Hell, in his early days, he got a start by joining greenhorn gangs and screwing them over. That was back when he was just a no name though. These days he preferred flying solo, he had enough confidence in his skills and found it to be much less of a headache than humoring a bunch of sapheads.

Earlier today he had the fortune of running into some rich chuckleheads and got a real nice haul, so he was in very high spirits. He planned to celebrate by getting absolutely plastered at the saloon and maybe even get laid if he got lucky.

Arriving at the saloon and busting through the door, Bill saw that there was a perfect spot right next to a beautiful woman at the counter, he walked up to the bartender and asked for whatever cheapest ale they had.

He struck up a conversation with the woman and it went surprisingly well. They went on and on for the entire night, she was absolutely head over heels for him. It was quite surprising, really.

Bill was dumb as a log and if it wasn't for the sharpshooting and survival instincts he had gained from life experience, one would think there was absolutely nothing in that brain of his.

But a nice conversation wasn't what he was here to do. Eventually he just asked if she wanted to take it to the room upstairs to which she said yes.

Once they had gone into the room, Bill immediately knocked her on to the bed and climbed on top of her. His hands hovered over to his vest as he started unbuttoning it. At that point, they had both drunk quite a lot and were queasy from all the alcohol. This was going to be absolutely amazing night.

"Yer all mine now." he chuckled as he ran his hands through his buttons.

..."Huh?" A shadow swooped in behind him.

He drew for his gun, but he was a little too drunk to make it in time.


A blunt force resonated in the back of his head. As his consciousness faded, Bill cursed at how careless he was.

Whatever happened next was anyone's guess. Bill wasn't quite sure how long he'd been knocked out, but it wasn't until he heard a pair of muffled voices that he regained some of his consciousness.

"That easy, huh?"

"Alright, here's the money, now scram."

He opened his eyes to the ceiling of a barn. Two men stood in front of him. A lanky one and a fat one.

"What... What in..?"

Bill jolted wide awake, he instinctively moved to punch their lights out... but both of his arms and legs were tied.

What in the..? What happened? Bill tried to recall the events of last night: the salloon, celebrations? Drinking, some broad...

... some broad! That darn hag tricked him! Was she in on this the whole time? What, was she just waiting there for him to come in? If he's getting out of here alive, you bet that damned prostitute was going six feet under!

Goddamn moron! He never should've let his guard down like that. Not that he ever did it before, he wouldn't have survived this long otherwise. Darn... He really skipped a cog with this one.

He looked back up at the men. The lanky one started talking: "Whoa whoa whoa, look who's up! If it isn't Bill! How you doin', ol' pal?"


No response. Bill stayed silent, all he did was stare back with the fury of a thousand grizzly bears.

"Oh I see how it is. Man's a darn celebrity. He's just too good to talk to the rest of us, Callaghan. We're just some... Waddells after all!" he waved his hands sarcastically at the end.

Waddells? Bill ain't ever heard of 'em. Must be some local chuckleheads he screwed over for a quick buck.

"What's that? You telling me you don't remember?"

"Jerry, Alonzo, Pablo, Gilford, Dalton and sweet ol' Dewey? Dead. All of 'em. Just me and Callaghan now."

"Quiet yer yammerin' and get to the point! Why don't yer just put a bullet through my skull and be done with it?" Bill was tired of these bedtime stories. This wasn't the first time some idiot gave him a sob story about how they lost someone because him. The crook sighed.

"Oh well." Then he motioned to the fat one to bring him something. Were they going to torture him first?

Looking up Bill saw that it was... a pot of some sort? Something poisonous maybe? A ladle of it got brought up to Bill's mouth.

"Whoa whoa whoa, hold your horses!" he instantly retaliated, knocking the ladle over and spilling its contents to reveal... beans? It just looked like some ol' stew of beans mixed in with some lard.

"Well darn." said the lanky one calmly.

"Oh well, plenty more where that came from."

"What in the Sam Hill are yer tryin' to do to me?" never before had Bill heard of such a weird torture technique and he considered himself an enthusiast.

The fat one spoke: "I got this one, Jim."

He walked over to Bill and pinned him down. Bill tried to retaliate again, but there was nothing he could do against the larger man. He promptly pinned Bill down and the lanky man poured a ladle of beans directly into Bill's mouth.

He then put his hand over Bill's mouth and held his nose, forcing him to swallow it.

"Darn!.." there wasn't much Bill could've done.

"What in the name of Lord..?" Bill didn't know what the deal with the beans were, but be knew something was wrong with them.

A few seconds later, a gurgling noise came from within his stomach.

*Plap* Within an instant, it looked as if Bill had gained a few pounds. He still looked quite fit, but his body started to round out a little. He looked down to see a small curve starting to form around his abdomen.

"What in tarnation!?" he could vaguely feel the extra pounds a bit as he yelled..

"What is..? What did yer do to me?"

The two crooks only smirked. Whatever it was in those beans, it was bad news. He *needed* to avoid eating those, or else he was going to end up like a pig used for lard. But how?

Unfortunately for him, before he could figure that out, another batch of beans got shoved into his mouth.

Once again, Bill tried to resist, but this time it was even harder: he felt a little off from the extra pounds he had gained.

How far were the planning to go with this? Bill couldn't even bear to think about it. Were they just going to keep going until he was nothing but a mountain of lard? By Lord, at that point they might as well just shoot his brains off.

This time, he at least braced for the sudden change.

"Urgh!.." Nope, the anticipation wasn't enough to dampen the extremely sensory feeling of putting on more weight. Bill could feel every part of his body swell with fat and jiggle briefly from the extra weight clinging to him.

He regrettably looked down at his body.

Some of the fat has started to show on his face, his cheeks started getting slightly rounder, Bill wasn't going to be able to tell though.

The most noticeable change was his vest that was now riding up his big round gut. He had a gut now. And a vest that was a size too small.

"Urng..." he moaned as the vest rode up his round belly and then:

*Pop!* Bill flinched at the sudden sound. Did they just get bored and decide to shoot him then and there? He honestly preferred that idea for a moment before he came back to reality.

Another *Pop!*

Bill looked down to see that the bottom two buttons on his vest had popped off. It couldn't hold back the strain that his new gut was exerting.

"What in the Devil?..."

The gut was still wobbling slightly from the force of the button popping. Bill had never even considered that any part of him would ever "wobble", but... well, at least his shirt still intact. Otherwise his fat hairy gut would've been exposed for all to see. Even though he knew it was coming. In fact, the shirt was already riding up his gut a little.

The two men were laughing at him.

"Haha! Did you see that Callaghan? I've seen that happen to one of your old vests."

"Hey sack it! Not my fault I like to eat proper!"

Or maybe they were just bickering with each other? Either way, he was the butt of the joke here.

They looked back down at him, a smug look on their faces.

"Buck up, you fool. You'll make a darn fine swine, heh!"

"Yer cracked or somethin'!?" An aggressive yell was all Bill could manage. He could barely tell what was happening, he wasn't even sure if this was real or a bad dream. He *did* just gain about 30 pounds in a span of minutes. If there was some kind of science behind this, he was too dumb to understand it anyways!

The crook did not like his response.

"Hey, you talkin' back to us? I think that calls for another batch o' beans!"

"N-no yer..!"

Another desperate struggle, by now the extra pounds had definitely caught up to Bill. He wriggled for a bit, but found himself out of breath soon after.

"Urk!" He moaned through the mouthful of beans. All that was left was to just gulp down the beans as his captors wanted.

*Pop!* Just like his vest, the growing amounts of fat had gotten to his shirt.

This time it wasn't the bottom-most button, but instead the second to last one. Opening up a little hole in the middle of the shirt, Bill's fat gut desperately spilled out from the opening.

At this point, the bottom of his gut started to spill out a bit, forming an overhang. Bill could already feel all the sweat forming beneath the big fold of fat. He'd always been quite sweaty, so this wasn't boding well.

His face also continued to take on some of the weight, he could feel his jaw weakening, as layers of fat gathered around his chin.

"Darn, looking like a real porker now! Hah!" the lanky one- Jim, continued to ridicule him. He slapped Bill's bulging stomach and tickled the bump of fat spilling from the opening in his shirt. Both times, his fat jiggled gleefully.

Bill was probably about as fat as the biggest cowboys he'd ever seen. The difference being that whereas those men gained their physique from years of indulgence, Bill somehow did so from just a few mouthful of beans. Speaking of which...

Another ladle full of beans poured into his mouth.

Bill was just completely out of breath because of all the weight. He was wheezing as if he had just lifted a horse! All he could focus on was the loud sound of his own breathing as the beans filled his mouth.

The fat one didn't even have to pin him down this time. He just gulped the beans down obediently.


*Three* buttons had popped this time: the bottom one on his shirt, exposing his giant, swelling gut, and the two remaining buttons on his vest that had been resting on his moobs this whole time, completely succumbed to the size of his round stomach. That's right, sooner or later the fat had to start piling on his chest. Bill now sported moobs that rivaled that of most women he's known. And speaking of new things on his body:

Bill noticed his crotch pushing up against his trousers, he was accumulating fat down there as well. He could tell because he felt his penis get squeezed by some fat surrounding it. At this point, Bill had a bit of trouble seeing past his gut. He bent his head downward to look: he was growing a fatpad, which was now desperately spilling from the opening in his chaps.

*Riiip* An audible rip could be heard. Bill knew because at that moment the trousers beneath his chaps had broken. He let out a sigh of relief.

"Phew..." He could feel his thighs spilling out of the confines of the trousers. Thankfully the two goons didn't seem to have heard it, they would no doubt have mocked him for it.

But now that he was thinking about it, he really was far too fat for *all* of this. He could feel pressure on all parts of his body as his fat struggled to find space in his old, tiny clothes.

"Ugh... Please!..." that was probably the first time Bill had ever said that word. There wasn't any other option though: the ropes tying him down were starting to strain against his meaty limbs, the fat pushing out desperately. On top of that, his arms were starting to go numb from the enormous weight of his own body pressing down on them and his fat thighs were rubbing against one another, he couldn't keep his legs together like this for much longer.

"The ropes..." he moaned tiredly.

"Huh?" the fat one- Callaghan grunted.

"Oh I see. Darn swine is getting uncomfortable." he laughed as he patted Bill's meaty thighs.

To Bill's surprise, he really did go to undo the ropes, starting with his legs.

"Keep it goin' while I do this, Jim." That was Bill's queue to open his mouth.

At this point Bill was just obediently gulping down his batch of beans. He even licked up a stray bean that got caught in his beard... What? What in the world was that? Why would he do that?

As he fed on the beans, he could feel Callaghan fumbling with the rope around his thighs.

"Darn that's so tight! You fat lubber, I can't even get these ropes off!" Bill could feel his thighs wobble as Callaghan furiously gnawed at the tight strings.

Callaghan ended up having to cut the rope off with a knife, a loud pop ringing as Bill's enormous thighs spilled out. He then proceeded to cut off the ropes binding his hands as well. He was free now.

By the time Callaghan finished, Bill had already gulped down his newest batch of beans. He was untied now, Bill thought about fighting back, but at this point he wasn't even sure if he could stand up properly... His entire body was sore from all of the growing fat.

"Hey, look at that. 'Nother chin." Jim exclaimed in wonder. It was true, by this point Bill had grown a bit of a double chin from all the weight. He couldn't see it, of course, but he could tell from the way his chin would wiggle around a little when he moved his head.

Well then.

He was so fat now that he had an extra lump of meat below his chin.

"Hey let's get these off, show off some of those danglers." said Jim in a mocking voice. Bill assumed that by danglers he meant the pair of manboobs that had started to accumulate above his belly.

And he was right, Jim pushed his shirt up just past his chest to expose the two pointy sacs of fat. Suddenly, a big wave of musk washed all over the barn.

"What the Devil!?" Both Jim and Callaghan held their noses.

It was coming out of Bill's body. He was sweating heavily since this all began, he'd always been very sweaty. A lot of the sweat got caught in his fat folds and marinaded for a good few minutes. It probably didn't help that he was very hairy, so a lot of it got caught in his hairs.

Bill thought he was used to his own body odor, but his newly obese body must've multiplied it tenfold, because he wrinkled his nose a bit at the smell.

"Sorry 'bout that gentlemen, always been a musky guy, heh." Bill made sure to make that sound as snarky as possible. That was probably the only victory he was going to get in this situation.

"Ugh!" The two men waved their hands around for a moment before giving up and just inhaling the musk filled air. They weren't about to let Bill make fun of them. He was the one being fattened up here!

"Good Lord mate, don't you have any shame?"

"Look at all this! There's so much of it!" Callaghan grabbed a fistful of Bill's giant gut and wobbled it around.

Bill's moobs weren't the only mounds of fat swelling out of him. Two rolls of fat were already showing up on his sides below his arpmit, adorning the rolls that came from his tits. He was so obese that there were multiple rolls of fat one could grab on and Callaghan made sure to take full advantage of it.

"Yer darn!..." Bill couldn't hide his anger, but all he could do was tremble as the layers of fat on his body jiggled him around. He was pretty much pinned down by his own fat. He looked over at the pot on the ground, it seems they had run out of the first batch at some point, there was already a second pot right next to it.

Jim seems to have gotten the wrong idea as: "Well well well, looks like someone wants another round!"

"No! Ugh!.."

Before Bill could respond the all familiar taste of the fattening beans was once again gracing his mouth. Was this going to be the last time? Before all this he could barely imagine himself being out of shape, and now he was on his way of getting a record! Hell, he might've gotten it already!

He chewed and swallowed the beans and braced for the next extra pounds.


"Oof!" Bill felt his body wobble.

This time a muffled noise came from underneath Bill's overhang. His chaps must've come undone, Good thing Bill preferred looser chaps otherwise his massive thighs would've been real sore. And immediately after:

This time a muffled noise came from underneath Bill's overhang. His chaps must've come undone, Good thing Bill preferred looser chaps otherwise his massive thighs would've been in for a real beatdown. Imediately after:

*Pop!* Another one? What was left at this point?... His pants?

... Actually that was his bandolier, Bill just forgot about it because he had gained so much of an overhang that it grew over the bandolier and covered it. Well, that and the fact that Bill could no longer see past his giant gut at all.

He was worried about his growing fatpad earlier, but now, at least no one had to look at it: it was mostly covered by his massive overhang, hanging down far too low from where a normal person's stomach should be.

"Urgh, gross!" Callaghan pulled out the sweat soaked bandolier from underneath his belly. It was completely wet. Callaghan turned his head away from it as he discarded it on the ground.

"Darn, this entire barn smells worse than a corpse!" He wasn't wrong. Bill's obese body was continually producing more and more odor as this went on.

Another problem arose: nevermind what he said earlier, Bill's thighs were definitely far too massive for his old chaps, he felt the pressure and creaks as they fought to spill out of the fabric.

"Urk!... The chaps... Get the darn chaps off o' me!.." he yelled.

Callaghan only laughed as he went to take off the poor man's chaps, a strained squeak resounded as he pulled them down.

"Oof! Urk!" It took several tugs before he was able to get it off Bill's thighs and of course, every single tug caused his entire lardy body to wobble. Bill let out a strained moan each time.

"Huh, what's that?" Jim leaned over Callaghan as he dug the chaps out. They were looking at the ripped out trousers that Bill had broken earlier.

"Would you look at that, those thighs are so darn massive it ripped them clean open!" They both laughed ear-gratingly. Bill's face was completely red from all the embarrassment already, but all he could do was pant heavily from all the wobbling fat.

Right after they managed to pull the chaps out: *Pop!*

"Hah! Well which one is it this time?" Jim laughed as Callaghan looked Bill's body up and down. It took a moment because as it turns out...

"Oh, here it is!" Callaghan shoved his hands underneath Bill's overhang. Bill could feel Callaghan's hand brush directly against his crotch: his pants had popped open and the fatpad beneath now oozed out of the open gap between the pants. Callaghan didn't touch his penis though, it was buried a bit deeper below his pubic fat.

Callaghan pulled out the popped button from underneath Bill's gut: it was completely trapped in there despite popping off.

"Ugh, damn, now I got hog sweat all over my hands!" We wiped his hands on Bill's chaps. The air smelled of Bill's intense musk, a mix of sweat and the copious amounts of precum that were oozing out of the nub on his fatpad.

"You know what? Let's get these off too!" Callaghan pulled out the ripped up remains of Bill's trouser. Much more easily than the chaps!

Bill's thighs were incredibly damp from sweat, but really his entire body was. He was glistening in the barn light like some sort of oiled up pig.

"Well looks like looks like someone's excited!"

Callaghan chuckled as he groped whatever was left of Bill's penis. At this point, his entire bottom was exposed for all of the world to see.

"Oh buzz off!.." Bill couldn't see there anymore because of his massive, bulging stomach getting in the way, but he could definitely tell he was hard as a rock and leaking everywhere. Was he seriously enjoying this?

To Bill's dismay, the man stopped rubbing his penis and instead moved on to slapping his fat gut. Bill couldn't help but moan every time he felt his fat ripple through his body.

"Good heavens that's a large man, how could you let this happen to you, bub?" they ribbed him for his weight. They made it sound like they weren't responsible for... pretty much all of it.

"Ye, Bill. With all this darn lard, you would make a real fine swine at a farm, haha!" they laughed mockingly.

"...Can yer shut yer yap and at least play with it?" a low growling noise, Bill wheezed as he motioned his head down towards his crotch, squishing up against his double chin.

"...Please?" he didn't even realize what he had said until it came out of his mouth. What in tarnation was wrong with him?

"See!? He's actually gettin' off on this!" It was true, Bill's dick twitched at each and every one of their insults.

"I ain't your maid, do it yourself. Your hands are free now, ain't they?"

... Bill had completely forgotten that they untied him earlier. He had completely resigned to just laying there and letting the lard settle on his body.

He lifted up his flabby arms as the lard jiggled and hung at the bottom. Maybe he could clock one of 'em? This obese body was no doubt weaker than his real one, but maybe with the added mass, his punch would have some force behind it. Well, at this point there was only one thing on his mind.

"Much obliged..."

He let out a strained "Urgh!" as he reached down on his crotch to please himself. The fat in his neck pushed back, squishing into his cheeks and accentuating his double chin. His moobs squeezed against one another, forming two round orbs and his stomach got squeezed to the right as he tried to get to the center beneath it.

And after all that? He could barely reach it. He was no match against his very own big folds of fat, not to mention he wasn't used to how clumsy his newly fat and squishy hands felt.

"Oh for Lord's sake, c'mon!" Well, he could barely poke the top of his thigh, this wasn't going to happen.

"Hah, look at him, he can't even get to his own darn crotch!" Jim exploded into laughter.

"Buzz off! Let me just... urgh! Darn!" he continued to struggle, desperately trying to run his hand through his nub.

"Oh you're goddamn pathetic, here." Callaghan slapped his hand away and started rubbing his dick for him. It was only at the tip though, as most of his cock had been buried under the immense amount of fat.

"Darn..." Bill finally moaned out in relief as his nub got stimulated. For the next few seconds he had completely forgotten what was happening, swimming in the ecstasy he realized he wasn't going to be able to achieve on his own anymore.

"Well why don't I have some fun too while I'm at it?"

"Huh, what?"

Suddenly Bill's legs got hoisted up into the air. His thighs pushed up against his heaving stomach, which in turn pushed his massive pair of wobbly mantits up towards his face. His tiny knob of a penis peeked out from the overhang, with his ballsack looking very small what with all the pubic fat surrounding it.

"Wh-what?" He could feel the saphead fiddling at his bottom, a rugged hand brushing through the hairs on his massive thighs.

"Lord have Mercy..." It was then that a finger prodded at his asshole, spreading his fat, bouncy asscheeks apart.

"Y-yer darn shote, what do yer think yer doin'?"

Bill tried to protest but another batch of beans was shoved in his mouth.

"Mrrff!.." Bill's entire body filled up with even more fat as his cock swelled from the sensation. Well, that and the oaf shoving his damn tool into Bill's asshole.

If anything, he was the shote here really, a proper big hog, even! Jim and Callaghan seemed to have realized the same as they chuckled at what he had said.

"Oh my Lord!.." A muffled and exhausted utter came out from Bill's mouthful of beans. To satiate the fat pig, Callaghan hovered his hand over Bill's nub of a penis and once again began to rub it.

But it was too late at that point as Bill's body swelled up once again. Bill could no longer feel Callaghan's hand as his dick got completely absorbed into his fatpad. There was now only a small dent where his penis used to be.

"Looks like *he* won't ever see the light of day ever again." Callaghan laughed as he slapped the fatpad.

"Are you damn serious!?" Bill could only moan out in a shaky voice. At this point Callaghan was pounding his hole at full force. His obese body jiggled up and down violently as the penis slid in and out. *Blub!* *Plap!* His fat rolls slapped against each other.

To think Bill was calling Callaghan "the fat one" earlier when *he* now looked like an overgrown hog, getting done from behind like some sort of prostitute. Callaghan probably looked fit next to Bill! At this point the only thing separating him from a hog on the farm was speech! Seems like Callaghan had the same idea:

"Well, hog? Oink for me."


"You deaf you darn pig? I told you to oink!"

"O-oink..." What in the hell!? Bill had absolutely no idea why he did it.

"OH yeah! *Now* you've really become a bonafide obese and lardy hog! I bet we could even sell you to a ranch right about now!"

That was an incredibly degrading thought. But despite Bill's dismay, his dick twitched at the idea. He *wanted* that. He liked being treated like a darn swine. Looked like one too.

"C'mon oink for me some more! That's all you're allowed to say from now on!"

"O-oink... Oink! *snort*" Bill's tits and belly bounced up and down as he completely lost control of himself. Whatever it was, it compelled Bill to do exactly what master wished. This was his place now. He was to do whatever his master wished. He had completely transformed into an obedient hog, he even snorted like one back there. Although that could've been because of the massive layers of fat barely allowing him to breathe.

"*Snort*, oink!"

A twitch. And then Bill came. Real hard. He would've shot all over himself if it wasn't for the fact that his penis was gone, buried beneath his fat pad. Instead it oozed out lazily from the dent in his pubic fat.

"Goddamn, that's a good hole!.." shortly after, Callaghan deposited a fat load directly into Bill's wrinkly ass, cum oozing from the many fat folds of his behind.

"What in the name of our Lord!?.." It seems post nut clarity had hit Bill as he realized what he had just done.

His legs were still up in the air, he hadn't recovered yet from what just happened. He just continued lying there, legs up and ass exposed. His hole was all sticky from Callaghan's cum, he took it right in his asshole like a proper swine. It dripped slowly down his ass folds.

There was also some of Bill's own cum drizzling over his crotch. His penis a mere indent in all of his pubic fat.

He *really* needed to catch his breath. All the bouncing up and down as he was getting pounded was probably the most exercise he will ever have, what with the unbelievably out of shape and obese body he has now. His tits and gut were massive now, jutting out more than a foot from his actual body, any slight movement caused them to swing back and forth. They bounced up and down like some sort of attraction when he got pounded earlier.

Bill was wheezing heavily, with the occasional pig-like snort from his blocked off airways: the fat sometimes prevented him from breathing in properly. He was just going to involuntarily snort like a pig from now on.

Callaghan left the hog wheezing on the ground and turned to Jim.

"Hey Jim, I think I want to keep this guy."

"Huh? What are you on? That's not what was supposed to happen!"

"Well true that but..."

Callaghan looked over at the obese man breathing heavily and lying on the floor, looking like a beached whale. He was trying to stick his finger up his hole. Trying. Trying very hard to bend in ways his body didn't allow him to anymore. He was trying to get Callaghan's cum out of is asshole, but he wasn't going to reach it if he couldn't even reach his own penis.

Callaghan turned back to Jim: "He's not gonna do anything like this. Besides... I know you were enjoying yourself. That was a damn fine hole, you should try it!"

Bill's asshole puckered up at that statement. It was still sore from his first time getting plowed.

"Hey hey hey, hold your horses, I ain't nobody's property." Bill finally caught his breath enough to object. He tried putting on a gruff front, but really he just looked pathetic with all his fat shaking as he talked.

"Watch your tone there, pig, you'd be dead right now if we went with the old plan." Callaghan seemed to be under the illusion that just because of... whatever it was that came over Bill earlier, that it meant he could just order him around. Well, that was a mistake on his part.

Bill cocked up two revolvers directly at his captors.

"What!?" They both went for their guns, but their hands met air.

"Yer dunderheads really didn't notice me stealin' yer guns earlier? I'm a goddamn boar for Lord's sake." They really had no clue. That only made it more embarrassing how they outsmarted him earlier.

It was a good thing that he was still able to fit his fat finger through the triger, Bill had about a dozen reasons to pop their sorry heads. They're darn idiots, tried some sorta weird revenge plan, talked his ears off, and of course turned him into... this. This obese, wobbly swine. Not to mention they had the nerve (and stupidity) to stick their members up his ass.

If this was any other situtation Bill would've just put a cap in them and been done with it. Semen slowly oozed down his thigh. It was from earlier when he came all over his fatpad. It was still oozing out of the little hole where his penis was supposed to be. If it wasn't completely buried, that is. And also completely covered by his massive overhang. Darn, he was an absolute mess now. Despite all that, he couldn't help but...

"Did yer take my horse?" he said commandingly, trying to hide the fact that the entirety of is body shook with fat as he spoke.

"N-no it should still be in town." Bill was used to shaking down naive idiots. It didn't seem like they were lying.

"Good, now scram. Both of yer. Just leave yer things here and I won't pop both of yer heads." Bill did his best to sound intimidating. His gruff voice certainly helped (even if it was a little breathy now), and the comical amount of weight he now had didn't help, but it seems the Waddells still respected his reputation enough to obey him and leave.

"Dammit Bill you dumb pervert, what are yer doin' thinkin' with yer hog instead of your head?" he thought to himself.

Bill waited for a moment, then leaned past the door to make sure they were really gone. It got a little awkward, because Bill realized he wasn't really able to lean anymore. When he leaned to the sides, his tit roll pressed up against the other rolls of fat hanging from his sides, it made it really uncomfortable as he basically pushed back against his own fat. Same with leaning forward: his massive tits pressed up against his bulging stomach. And leaning backwards, well, that wasn't ever going to happen with the giant goddamn gut hanging in front of him. All this darn fat got in the way of everything. Well, he *was* the fat. All of the fat rolls clinging to him were part of him now.

Now that he was alone, Bill finally had a moment to look at himself. He wiped the beans off of his mouth and looked down.

His old vest was now completely unbuttoned, all of its buttons popped off. His shirt was bunched up on top of his massive tits. The buttons weren't all gone on that, but it was still revealing his giant, hairy gut.. Attempting to pull it down was impossible as it strained against the massive curve of his belly.

He was probably never going to wear any of these ever again. Unless he got in shape... Darn, that was his favorite vest too. He better find one that's... whatever size he is now.

As for the other things: his trousers were completely ripped up, but that didn't matter. He saw what happened earlier, he wouldn't even be able to wrap the ends around his bulging fatpad anyways. As for the chaps, well, he wasn't going to be putting them on anytime soon.

That meant that he was going to have to walk with his bottom exposed like a darn pervert. Was his penis showing? Bill wasn't sure because he couldn't see anymore, but considering what the Waddells said earlier, that was probably the last he's seen of his own cock...

"Yer darn!.." He tried reaching for his penis again. Maybe there was just something in the air earlier?

"...Urk!" Nope, that access was gone to him forever. How was he even goin' to pee like this? It was probably just goin' to spray all over the damn place from the indentation in his fatpad. Great, not only was he musky as hell, now his trousers were goin' to reek of piss all the time. Speaking of musk...

Bill lifted his armpit and gave it a big whiff. The armpit are of his shirt was completely wet from all the sweat.

"Hot damn!" He already knew from before that his body odor was more potent than ever, but it still took a bit of processing to do. As mentioned before, Bill has always been quite musky and now that the sweat accumulated in all of his fat folds, there was more of it than ever!

"Good Lord..." He ran his hand through his ass. It was swollen, many layers of fat hanging off of it. He couldn't even tell where his ass ended and where his thighs began: they were both just big rolls of fat. He put his finger around his asshole, well, as close as he was able to. That darn Callaghan made himself at home in his own damn ass and shot his spunk right inside of him! Even now it was still dripping from the sore hole.

"Tch!" he's definitely going to be sweeping that memory away...

"I ain't gonna be working this weight off, am I?" thought Bill to himself. Was it because he could barely move anymore to even get any exercise, or was it an entirely different reason?

"See Bill? That's what those darn chuckleheads did to yer. And yer just let them go ol' fool..."

He didn't even ask what in the Devil the deal with those beans was, but he knew full well why he let them go. He just wasn't ready to admit he might have side of him that's just... *somethin' else*. His mind immmediately flashed back to him oinking and pleading to Callaghan. He could feel his penis twitch from beneath all the fat.

"Oh for Lord's sake. I'm-"

"I'm such a moron..."

Brushing off his embarrassment, if the Waddells' words were to be believed, his horse was still in town, so that's going to be the first destination. He walked off into to fields humiliatingly. His first priority? Sit down every 5 minutes and wheeze heavily, Lord knows he won't be able to walk like he used to, not with this swollen body. His second priority? Get to a tailor as quickly as possible. His massive, swinging mantits were just hanging out in the air, after all...

His crotch was completely exposed too, but his penis was completely buried by the fatpad, so at least he wasn't flashing people? Well he didn't care for some pansies scared of someone's rod of course, but if some goody two shoes saw him and reported him to the law, it would be a real problem... would be nice if he found something to cover himself with, but there wasn't much he could do.

Over time, people heard about what happened to Bill and... well? To the public, it just seemed like Bill really let himself go and ate himself mad. It was quite a sight to watch the man in action: just a mountain of lard swinging around as he brandished his gun. It was a little hard to take the man seriously when he looked like he ate a farm for dinner, but his sharpshooting skills hadn't wavered a bit. Well, he first had to get accustomed to his fat, meaty fingers and he *did* need to find a better way to reach for his tool, but afterwards Bill was still well feared as an outlaw and murderer.

... when he wasn't bending over and wheezing like his life depended on it, that is. It was quite a mystery how a man of his stature managed to continue avoiding the law, he couldn't even ride a horse after all. After Bill reclaimed his horse, he tried mounting the poor it. Luckily for the poor horse, he couldn't even lift his leg up high enough to step on the stirrups. He did eventually manage to drop his fat ass onto the saddle from a ledge, but the horse immediately collapsed. Ever since then, traveling had been a pain in the ass, but there wasn't much Bill could do. He was a fat, sweaty mess, and he was going to have to get used to it.

He used to be feared as a dangerous and skilled criminal (which he still was), but now whenever he wasn't around, people would speak in hushed tones: they didn't call him Black Bill any more. Instead, people came to know him as Blow Out Bill, the fattest gunslinger in all of Wild West. And the title of the deadliest gunslinger? It instead went to those who were in better shape.

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