[01/04/2024] Cards of Gluttony v0.4.1 update released.

Hello and welcome to the site of Oakfells!

I'm a gay artist from the Czech Republic, fan of gay bears (bigger, hairier men). I consider myself part of the gainer community (people who intentionally gain weight and admire fat). If you're hearing that word for the first time, chances are: what you just read in the parentheses really weirded you out, in which case I suggest you leave immediately.

For anyone else: welcome! Most of my focus right now is on my weight gain card game "Cards of Gluttony." I also illustrate and write stories about bearish men, typically having a weight gain transformation of some sort, all of which you'll find here on this site.

In the "Gallery" tab, you'll find the images from my stories, as well as simple animated GIFs of the weight gain sequences found in them.

In the "Stories" tab, you'll find horny weight gain stories accompanied by illustrations.

In the "Games" tab, you'll find Cards of Gluttony, a weight gain themed card game I'm currently working on.

In the "Contact" tab, you'll find links to my various social medias and whatnot, as well as my email.

  • Where can I support you?
  • Check out my Patreon, where you will also get development logs and a few perks related to Cards of Gluttony.

    All of my images and stories are not to be used unless given explicit permission to do so.