Vine-fed Pig

Contains: rapid weight gain, force feeding, tentacles (or vines, I guess), fat degradation, small penis, pig talk, moobs, armpit stink

Herman's curiosity gets the better of him as he walks into the territory of a vine that fattens its victims. He is then left to deal with the consequences of his newfound body as he tries to make his way home.

Illustrated | Text Only

It's been about two weeks since Herman moved out into Rootslef. All his life he's lived in the big city, but one unfortunate accident after another, he decided to move out into a smaller town where he could become more in touch with himself. Rootslef wasn't a tiny village, but it wasn't exactly a metropolis either. Just the right size for what he wanted. The town was clean and developed, the neighbours were nice, and the rent was much cheaper than what he was used to in the city. For Herman, it was really exactly how he envisioned it, which was surprising considering his record with bad luck. There was however one thing... Everyone in town was very clear and adamant about not going into a small ravine in the forest north of town. The way they talked about it made it seem almost like a fantasy story. Apparently a creature dwells in the ravine that attacks any unsuspecting bypassers. This was way back in the 16th century when the town was first established. By now, everyone knew to avoid that place and big fences and warning signs have been instated around the ravine... Unfortunately for Herman his curiosity got the better of him.

Taking his phone, water and some trail mix, he headed towards the entrance to the ravine, blocked by the fence. The signs were indeed very bright and insistent on the danger behind the fence. For a moment, Herman considered turning back, but in the end he climbed over the fence, instead giving in to his sense of adventure. It wasn't too particularly hard, as the fence wasn't very tall. In fact, it was shorter than Herman, and he isn't even particularly tall or anything. Like this, pretty much anyone could easily climb over just as he did. The 'threat' behind the fence musn't be very dangerous if the protection is a meager short fence.

After walking a bit, he reached the heart of the ravine. There was a bubbling river, but other than that mostly just a lot of trees surrounding the place. There was nothing here. Could the stories just have been rumours? Of course they were, smalltown people love to gossip. But just to make sure, he waited an hour to see if anything came up. Still nothing. "Well I guess that's that. Phew, glad my curiosity was sated."

As Herman got up to leave, his foot got caught up in a root and he almost tripped. "Whoa, that was close... weird, was that there before?" Suddenly the root started moving and crawling. Scared for his life, Herman turned around and ran as quickly as he could, but unfortunately for him, there was another root waiting to trip him up. This time he got knocked off his feet directly onto the ground, turning around, he realized: those weren't roots, they're vines! And there's a lot of them! He tried to get up, but a vine caught his hands, He tried to struggle and shake them off but it was futile "Oh fuck, what the hell!?" Herman reached for his pocket where he kept his phone. He tried to call for help, but the vine knocked it out of his hands. "Shit!" Eventually the vines caught his legs as well and lifted him up into the air. The vines dropped his bag and... tore his clothes apart? That was definitely unexpected, but at this point Herman was just scared for his life.

Now completely naked, Herman shakenly looked around to see what was going to happen to him. One of the vines came up to him. Bracing for an attack, Herman closed his eyes, only to see that the vine has forced its way into his mouth. The tip of the vine secreted some kind of... ooze. It was trying to feed him this thing. Herman was absolutely disgusted, but what else could he do? He let the vine do its thing and focused on the flavor of the substance. It was very sweet, almost like syrup. Yes, syrup, that's what it tasted like! But it was different, It was very thick, it's consistency a little thicker than honey, and even stickier than that. He definitely couldn't spit it out, even if he tried. So instead he gulped. Enjoying the sweet taste of the syrup.

After a while, he noticed gravity pressing down on his body a little stronger. Not that he could really clearly tell, considering he was suspended in the air. But after he looked down, he noticed his stomach was starting to round out a little.

What? He's never been fat, not even a little overweight. Was he dreaming? He tried shifting a little to see how it moved. No, it was definitely his stomach... What was happening? Was he somehow rapidly gaining weight? ... no, that was ridiculous. You can't really just gain weight in the span of seconds. Whatever it was, Herman must've been overthinking it, paranoid from all that was happening to him. He was being constrained by a sentient vine, after all. Herman gave off an internal sigh of relief as he convinced himself that everything was fine.

... which only made it so much worse when he looked down on his belly again, revealing that it has now grown into an unmistakable gut, starting to form a semblance of an overhang. "UNnnGGGG!" Herman couldn't help but let out a muffled scream, shocked by what was happening. He wasn't overthinking it at all! He was definitely getting a little tubby! Was it the syrup? How many calories must be in that thing!? No, even if it was rich in calories, it shouldn't just immediately turn into fat. Somehow, the syrup was causing his body to start storing a bunch of fat! Realizing what was happening, Herman flailed about, trying to knock the vine out of his mouth, and surprisingly, he did. He tried spitting the syrup out, but just as he thought, it was too sticky to spit out. The vine just ended up forcing itself back into his mouth. He tried just not gulping the syrup, but the vine ended up burying itself deeper into his mouth, tickling the back of his throat and nearly activating his gag reflex. He had to continue letting the syrup into his body. Not knowing what to do next, Herman stood still for a few minutes.

That wasn't really a good idea, because as more of the syrup was being fed to him, he became even fatter in response. Now he was definitely fat enough to be considered obese. Herman was horrified at the prospect of having a big, wobbly gut... He's never been overweight in his life, but he had always found people who were disgusting. He was about to join them. Through his view, covered by his enormous gut which was now sprouting an overhang, he could barely see the tip of his penis, poking just slightly from under his gut. If this was going to continue, he will probably never be able to see it ever again, considering how fat he's gotten. There was no way he was ever going to lose any of this weight. He continued looking at his penis as he entertained further ideas. Will he even be able to reach it after this? How was he going to pee then? What about sex? Would he have to get someone to help him every time he needed to do something down there?. As he was thinking this, he watched the tip of his penis gradually getting more and more obfuscated by his growing gut. Until "N-no, no no!" ... he couldn't see it anymore.

"FUCK! What are you doing to me!?" he yelled, but of course the vines did not respond. Looking back down at his penis, or rather the gut covering it, Herman lamented the loss of his member. But despite not being able to see his dick, Herman was very aware of a certain thing: he was getting really hard. He could feel his new fat pad getting a little moist from the dripping precum he was making. Was he... aroused by this? By getting turned into a lard pig? There's no way, that's absolutely disgusting! That is what the rational part of him said, but deep down, his body knew what it wanted. Actually, the fact that he was being fattened against his will and disgusted by it, the fact that a part of him was turned on by that made him even harder. He started to notice his heavy wheezing, which will, no doubt, from now on come out every time he does any kind of physical activity. Thinking about that made him even harder.

It was only now that Herman noticed the vine feeding him had withdrawn. "N-no!.." Herman mumbled. Why would he say that? Of course he wanted it to stop. As it was now, he was already obese enough to hit the highest class of BMI, what if the vine wanted him to fatten up even further? But it wasn't quite over yet. A few seconds passed. Although the vine was done forcing the fattening substance down his throat, Herman felt a small tingle in his stomach. And in a short burst, all of Herman expanded with even more fat! Jiggling as yet another layer of fat covered his entire body.

"Urk... please... that's enough, right?" he figured the vine must have been waiting for the last few mounds of syrup work their way into his body and turn into fat, not to mention the syrup he was still relishing in his mouth. For now, it seemed like the vines were done feeding him for the day, not because it felt any kind of sympathy, instead it looked like the weight of Herman's newfound lard was too much even for the vines, as they started wobbling and shaking, struggling to keep its girthy victim up in the air. As the vines fought to keep him propped up, Herman became very aware of how wobbly his entire body had become. At the lightest shake, big ripples of pure fat jiggled like waves in the ocean. The very same fat that was now forever part of his body.

At this point it was hard to deny Herman was very turned on by the idea of his body being absolutely destroyed with lard. He involuntarily started oinking. "What's wrong with me? I gotta stop!" he thought, but he couldn't really command his body to listen to him. Voluntarily or not, he became quite the prize hog. As the perversion took over him, his mind becoming a haze, he could only think about how aroused he is and how he wants to be even more aroused by becoming an even fatter pig. "Yes... please, turn me into your lard pig!" he said out loud, muffled by the sticky syrup he came to love so much. There was no more resistance. Herman has completely given in to his new life: an obese hog, aroused only by his jiggling fat, striving to gain even more. He then felt his dick twitch, and realized he couldn't take any more. As his tiny dick, losing most of its length by being covered by all the fat around it, started ejaculating, Herman let out a loud oinking noise, snorting like the obese, horny pig that he was.

He must have passed out after that, because Herman woke up to find he was still in the forest. Still all lard and no muscle. It really seems like the fat was here to stay, though he was lucky enough that it stopped exactly where it did. If he had gotten any fatter, he probably wouldn't have been able to even stand up on his own. Things got a little weird at the end there, he wasn't quite sure why he said what he did. Now that he came, he was hit by that strong post nut clarity: he became a really fat, fucking pig, this was his life now. And he was going to have to live with all this lard, clinging to his body. He looked down at his gut, covering the view of his penis. He leaned a little forward, trying to find an angle from which he could see it, but it was pointless. Hell, even if the gut wasn't there, he was sure his penis was completely submerged in his fat pad, he would have to dig through the fat to even find the tip... so he tried.

He reached down to his crotch in an attempt to feel his penis... but he couldn't even reach past his enormous belly. "O-oh..." He stood in silence for a few minutes as he let it sink in. The fact that he would never be able to pleasure himself on his own ever again, or even just pee properly, not to mention washing himself.

It was then that he noticed the massive saggy moobs. At this point you couldn't call it a chest, more just two massive bags of lard. The pointy moobs sagged down onto his belly, nipples pointing out. He cupped both of them with his hands. "Hell, I'm even bustier than most women I know, hah..." he let out an awkward laughter, trying to cover his shame.

There was no point in dwelling on it. Herman decided he had to return home and tell the tale. Or should he? The townsfolk would no doubt chastise him for not listening to them, and they were right. He will probably have to live the rest of his life pretending he did all this to himself on his own. As he got ready to leave, he suddenly realized there was a pretty big problem.

It seems the vines dropped him off in front of the fence separating the rest of the forest from the ravine. When he first came here, Herman climbed over the fence to get over to the forbidden area. Remembering how he climbed it earlier today, he looked down at his freshly gained blubber. "There's no way I can haul my lardy ass over that fence..." Only a few minutes had passed since Herman was dropped back into the world with his new, rotund body, and already did he have to deal with one of many challenges it was going to pose from now on. Having his initial entrance locked out, Herman instead shifted his gaze to a sign atop the fence. 'LEAVE IMMEDIATELY', these signs were all over the fence, attempting to deter any foolish tourists from a fate like Herman's. "... I guess I got what I deserve. Turned into a fat pig, stuck in this forest. Unable to escape his pig pen..." taking a moment to wallow in his mistake regret, Herman noticed that the sign had an arrow pointing to the right. "Wait... maybe? Could it be..?" He started following the the perimeter of the fence. "Please,let it be the exit!"

Luckily for him, after a short walk (short enough for even him to handle), he came across a gate. "Oh yes, thank god!" He went over to the gate to go through, but soon realized that it too was going to be another handicap he was going to have to live with. He had a bit of trouble squeezing his lardy body through the average human door. He tried walking through sideways, but quickly found out that wasn't going to work either. It seems his massive gut was protruding as much as his enormous, wide hips, if not even more. After several failed attempts at delicately getting himself past the door, Herman lost his patience and decided to just force his way through. "You know what? I'm done playing." he said trying to hype himself up. He stepped a little bit away from the door, hoping to get a running start. He dashed and ran straight for the door gap, planning to go straight through. It ended up being more of a waddle, really, which is probably why he ended up getting stuck in the door gap instead.

"What? N-no!" realizing the situation he created for himself, he started flailing about, trying desparately to free himself from this predicament. It must've been quite a sight to see this obese pig trapped in a gate by his very own lard, struggling to do what most people could without a second thought. "Nghhh..!" he shook and shook, but all it seemed to accomplish was make him look like an even more pathetic fat hog, shaking his lardy ass like it was the only thing he was good for. At that point, Herman almost gave up, resigned to his fate. But instead something very strange came over him. "No, no... I'm a big, strong piggy!" Mustering all of his power, Herman let out a loud oinking sound as he pushed himself out of the gate, though it would be more accurate to say he slowly oozed his folds of fat out of there. "Hell yeah! Take that you dumb door! I'm better than you!" he said kicking it, almost losing his balance in the process because of his swaying mounds of fat. He was perhaps a little too excited at the prospect of being able to do something as mundane as passing through a door. "Alright, that's the hard part out of the way. Rest should be a breeze. Man I'm a beast!" he tried giving himself a pat on the shoulder, but seeing as his massive amounts of lard got in the way, he patted his belly instead. A bit of an odd gesture, but Herman felt he deserved some praise after the ordeal he conquered.

Herman's his victory lap was quickly shot down as he noticed the loud, laboured sound of his own breathing. As he wheezed and gasped for air, he realized he was in no shape to trek a forest... or just walk walk in general, really. He needed somewhere to sit down. Luckily he found a stump wide enough to accommodate his massive, lardy ass. Breathing heavily, he took a moment of respite. That moment was interrupted when he noticed terrible smell. What was it now!? He looked around to see the source of the smell. Maybe the vines were following him. He looked around for a while until he realized it was coming from none other than himself. His entire body was covered in sweat, he was so wet it practically looked like he went swimming, though he obviously wasn't going to do that anytime soon. With all that sweat, his his fat, ruined body practically glistened in the sunlight. The worst offender was his armpits.

When he lifted up his arms, a rank, sweaty smell assaulted his nostrils. Absolutely disgusted by himself, he bent his head down towards the armpit, well, as much as he could with all the fat around his neck, and took a deep whiff. It smelled like he'd been living his whole life in a pigsty... no, he *was* the pigsty. Taking in the gross smell, he realized he not only looked like a pig, but also smelled like one. Sounded like one too, if what happened earlier was anything to go by.

Finding yet another thing to wallow in shame for, Herman got up and continued his slow walk home. He had to take a break like this many more times on the way home, each time panting even more heavily than last time. "What will the folks back in town think about this?" As he recounted all the ways his ruined body had become inept, he felt a little tingle in his crotch. A feeling he had experienced several times today already. From now on, this tingling feeling was going to be the only way he could tell if he had a hard on... maybe this new life wasn't going to be so bad after all. At least not for the horndog deep inside him. He jiggled his lard filled belly (not that he had to, his entire body did so on its own when walking) and oinked hornily. "Heh, what a fat porker I've become."

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