The Portly Pub

Contains: rapid weight gain, older man, belly play, sir/boy talk, sub/dom, public sex, sweat, licking, moobs, nipples

Colin goes to the local pub and accepts a few beers too many from one of the patrons.

Illustrated | Text Only

After finishing college and fumbling around with many jobs and failed interviews over the years, Colin managed to land a well paying job near the city. His new job was treating him well and even gave him ample amounts of free time, but after a few months Colin realized he'd been missing a friend group in his life. Having turned 28 last month and not keeping in touch with anyone from school, he wasn't really sure on how to make new acquaintances. He was very hesitant about getting close to people at work: he preferred work and personal life to be separate. Still, he remembered all the rowdy nights at bars he had had during his time at college and decided to give something like that a try. In fact, there was a pub near his apartment, that he had passed every day on his way to work. The sign on the front read 'Portly Pub', that sounded quaint enough. It didn't seem as popular as the other places around town, but really that sounded better than an overcrowded tiny room. So he decided to give the place a visit on Sunday after finishing up work.

The place was quite small. It could house maybe... 10 patrons at most? That's pretty much what Colin had been hoping for, cozy and down to earth. Interestingly enough, there weren't many tables and chairs set up in the usual way. Instead, there were chairs with little side tables next to them. Looking closer, they were bigger than standard chairs, probably to accommodate the size of some of the... heavier guests. The only standard-sized chairs seemed to be over by the counter and big surprise, no one was sitting there. Colin sneered internally as he glanced over at some of the stockier patrons.

"... huh, weird." thought Colin to himself. It wasn't like him to judge others, especially not over something as mundane as their physique. But for whatever reason, right now he was hyper-aware of how incredibly out of shape some of the people here were. Colin wasn't exactly skinny, but he exercised regularly and built a nice amount of muscle around his lightly stocky frame, it was the strong kind of bulk. These people on the other hand... actually, now that Colin looked around, he realized that every single person here was fat as hell. There didn't seem to be any women around, either. Not to sound rude, but he felt a little out of place, seeing as he looked like the only person here to get any amount of exercise in his life.

"Ok, that's enough!" Colin thought. Pushing away this weird, sudden wave of prejudice, he went over to the counter and pulled up one of the chairs; they were all pulled back a bit from the counter.

"Hey there, can I get a beer? Any will do." The bartender too, was a fatter man. A bit older too, guessing by the wrinkles and the shiny, hairless top of his head. He sported one of those old time-y curly mustaches with the rest of his chin cleanly shaven, showing off his prominent double chin. The bartender nodded wordlessly and turned around. That felt a bit... odd, but Colin was already feeling out of his depth, so he brushed it off. He kinda just walked in with no plan and now he had no idea what he was going to do. He probably should've sat next to someone and stricken some friendly banter. But wasn't that too intrusive?

"You new here? It's been quite a while since we've seen a new face here."

Colin turned to see a big older man. He sported some bushy mutton chops and short hair. Judging by the graying beard, Colin guessed the man must've been at least in his 40s. Just like every other patron, the man had a giant round gut protruding from his midsection. The shirt was clearly straining to contain the behemoth gut, and had a few buttons undone at the top, showing off a smooth, protruding chest.

"Hey there! Yeah, I just moved in a few months ago for my new job." frankly he felt a bit intimidated by the older man, but he tried to give off a friendly response.

"Mind if I sit here?" This wasn't the exactly what Colin had pictured when he said making new friends, but he thought he might as well have some friendly conversation.

"Sure. Go ahead."

Contrary to what the man said, he instead leaned against one of the stools as he looked Colin up and down casually. A thump resonated on the counter as the bartender placed down a big mug of beer. The man looked at it, and then shook his head.

"Oh no, that won't do. Not if it's your first time here! Lemme get you the special house brew. You won't find anything like it anywhere else. On me!" The burly man gestured to the bartender, they must've been quite familiar with each other. The man seemed quite friendly and Colin wasn't going to pass up an opportunity for a free drink.

"Huh, I'll take you up on that, thanks."

The bartender entered a door behind the counter, the sound of old floorboards squeaking. Must've been the cellar or something. Did the supposed 'special' need to be stored in the cellar or was it just not ordered that often?

"They keep it in the cellar to make sure it's at its best when served." growled the older man. Well that answers that.

"Getting a little hot in here, isn't it?" the man said as he started unbuttoning his tightly wound shirt, revealing even more of his saggy chest as well as exposing his massive, round belly. Particularly noticeable were the two big, pointy nipples that peeked from behind the man's jacket. Colin didn't realize he was staring.

"Now that you mention it, yeah. Definitely starting to feel like summer now." Colin followed and took off his hoodie.

"Hey, you're in pretty good shape, you work out?" Colin's tank top seemed to have revealed his nicely toned arms.

"Huh? Yeah, I go to the gym about twice a week. Luckily enough my job gives me enough free time to do that."

It was then that the bartender came back up with a full mug of golden brown liquid and set it down on the counter. "Here you go."

"You won't be having some?" Colin noticed just the singular mug.

"Oh no, this one's for special occasions, like yours! I'll take the one you ordered earlier." Grayes gestured to the mug, inviting him to take a sip.

Colin grabbed the giant mug and gave it an inquisitive gulp. Indeed the man was right, it was quite good, but frankly, it wasn't exactly groundbreaking or anything, as the man made it sound.

"Huh, this is pretty good!"

"Oh it gets even better the more you drink."

"Isn't that just drinking in general?" The two of them laughed. Colin continued drinking as they talked.

"Name's Grayes, by the way." he extended his hand towards Colin.

"Colin. Pleasure to meet you." The man's handshake was firm and confident. Colin could feel rough callouses on his hand.

"So what brings you here, Colin?"

"I mentioned earlier how I moved in for a new job. I work as a financial advisor for one of the companies here. It's been a few months, but I kinda wanted to make some new friends and thought coming to a pub would be a good start."

"Oh is that so? Well, you've come to the right place. I think you'll find it very accommodating here." The man took a big gulp from his beer.

"Good to know... What about you? You seem like a regular here."

"I work at a construction company. Me and the boys often like to come here after work, though I'm free today, so it's just me here."

What Colin hadn't noticed was the increasingly bigger gulps he was taking from the mug, as well as his slowly tightening clothes... Before he knew it, he had emptied his mug.

"Oh, I guess it really does get better, haha. I didn't realize I was done already."

"Get us another one, bartender! And you know what? Get me one too, I'm feeling chipper today!" and with a swoop there were two full mugs of the special brew in front of them.

"You know, I'm not one to refuse a free drink, but you don't have to do this, you know." said Colin apologetically. He could pay for it himself after all.

"Don't you worry your pretty lil' head, I just want to make sure you have a good time here!" growled Grayes as he finished his own mug and pulled over the newly brought in brew. Colin watched, impressed by the man's big gulps.

"I take it you're a fan of beer?" It was just supposed to be small talk, but Colin couldn't help but take a glance at the man's rotund stomach. That probably come off as a bit rude... Grayes seemed to take it very well though, as he looked down on his belly and then back up.

"Yeah, maybe too much, though! Haha!" Colin had never been overweight, so he never quite realized just how bouncy everything was. He looked at the man's entire body shake as he laughed. The man looked back at Colin.

"Well you probably don't have to worry about that, considering you take care of yourself well." he tapped Colin lightly on his shoulder. Colin felt a hint of pride at that. He'd always exercised for his own sake, but having someone compliment him on his physique felt quite nice.

"You know if you want to, we could go together sometimes." Even Colin didn't expect himself to say that, but he was already feeling quite comfortable in the man's presence, it could be nice to help the man out.

"Hah, we'll see about that..." Colin didn't quite get what that response meant. But he didn't have time to wonder about it as he realized he had already emptied his mug once again.

"Oh wow, okay, this stuff is really good. I should really cut it off here before I drink too much." It was only two beers, but Colin was already feeling a little full from that.

"Nonsense! You can do one last one, right? Three beers must be nothin' for a burly lad like you!" Grayes looked up at Colin expectantly.

"No pressure though." the man smiled back at him. Actually the banter was already quite nice and Colin was having a good time, so he might as well have another one.

"You know what? Sure."

With the third mug, the effects were undeniable. Colin's toned physique had transformed into a tubby one. His tank top started riding up his round stomach a bit as it strained against the newfound fat. Above his stomach were equally impressive fatty pecs. His nipples seemed to have gotten bigger too, as Grayes could see big round nipples sticking out from behind the tank top. But most of all, the fat seemed to go favor his fatty thighs, which were now full and filled with lard, his baggy pants starting to look more like tight shorts. The man, having finished his mug as well also seemed even more rotund than before.

"Err, weird question. Do I seem fatter to you?" Colin felt a bit strange asking that, but frankly him inexplicably gaining weight in under an hour was even weirder.

"Haha, yeah beer will do that to ya, bud!" Grayes slapped his wobbly gut as he laughed. Colin stared at the gut as it jiggled hypnotically.

"A paunch never killed anyone... er well, that's not really true, but it's not so bad." Grayes grabbed his gut by the bottom and continued to jiggle it up and down. After a few shakes, he looked up at Colin.

"Wanna feel?"

What? That came out of nowhere, but... Colin felt oddly excited at the idea of playing with the fat, old man's rotund belly.

"Uh, sure..?" What? Why would he agree to this? For some reason Colin blurted it out without thinking.

The two rotund men stood up and faced each other, Colin's newfound paunch pushing against the older man's even bigger gut; they couldn't really reach each other if they went further apart.

"Well look at that, Colin. Looks like you're well on your way to look like me, haha!" he was laughing, but Colin was pretty much as fat as him... Okay, Colin was definitely smaller, but that didn't really matter. In Colin's eyes, they were both just really goddamn fat.

"Why don't you take off your tank top so we can compare?" he winked at Colin, who proceeded to do as he said.

Seriously, what was happening? Despite his confusion, Colin took this moment to look over Grayes' fat body, although admire would be a more accurate word.

Despite the man's prominent facial hair and hairy arms, his belly and chest were completely shaved. It was almost hypnotizing to look at the shiny, smooth sphere, it was almost like the man took pride in his overindulgence, which was surely the cause of his portly stature. Waiting for a moment to let Colin soak the sights in, Grayes then broke the silence.

"So what do you think? Pretty impressive brew, huh?" he said as he clamped his fingers around Colin's puffed up nipples. They were more sensitive than before! The light fondling sent a wave of pleasure right down to Colin's groin. Fuck, he was definitely getting turned on by this. He looked up at Grayes' face to see him suggestively furrowing his brow. Right now, he was getting a hard on from having his nipples worked by this rugged, fat, old man. Colin couldn't help but feel a little disgusted that he was getting aroused by this, but that only made him even harder. Not wanting to let it show, Colin tried to stifle the moans escaping his mouth.

"Urnhh.." Tried. Grayes smiled as he heard that and squeezed the puffy nipples even harder. It wasn't until he moved on from them, and instead went to cupping Colin's large man boobs with his hands, that Colin registered what Grayes had said earlier.

"Wait, the beer?.. That's what made me all fat?" he looked down at his new body. His big round belly hung over his pants, he would no doubt have to put some work in if he wanted to get to his crotch. On top of his gut were two bulbous spheres: his chest. He had gained a pair of moobs, which were currently being played with by Grayes' rough hands. Colin put his hand and up to his belly and felt his newfound heft. Yup, that swollen mound of flesh was definitely part of him. He felt his entire body jiggle a bit as he shook his stomach. He was like a big water sack now. The older man noticed Colin playing with himself.

"Ya like it?" Grayes gave a mischievous smile. He already knew what the answer was.

"I-I..." he didn't want to admit it out loud, but Colin couldn't deny the hard on he got from his new body. Just a few minutes ago he was judging people in here for being fat and now here he was turned on by his own ballooning body.

"W-wait. Uhhh..." remembering where they were, Colin awkwardly glanced over to the other patrons at the pub, most of them were minding their own business, some sneaked in lustful glances.

"Oh, them? Yeah, don't worry. People here don't mind this it all. Besides… now you fit right in, champ." Grayes laughed as he looked down Colin's plump body. What kind of place was this!?

"Come on." Grayes put his hands on Colin's shoulders and led him down towards the ground.

"Why don't you get up close and personal with the ol' gut?" he then gently pushed Colin's face directly into his fat belly.

"Ah, no..."

Before he could respond, Colin found himself on his knees, face pushed directly into the big, jiggly stomach. With his nose burrowed in the fat, he involuntarily took a whiff of the man's smell. It smelled very much like how he expected a man like Grayes to smell: smoky, a strong deodorant permeating the man's body. Despite that, the deodorant wasn't enough to mask the smell of sweat, something a man of his stature probably had to deal with on a constant basis. In fact, the Grayes' stomach was so sweaty, it rubbed all over Colin. His face was probably going to give off the man's stench for days.

Without realizing it, Colin stuck out his tongue and started licking the fat belly. It tasted salty from all the sweat.

"Oh yeah, that's good, Colin..." Grayes seemed pleased as he growled gently. Colin eagerly lapped around the bloated stomach, cleaning up all the sweat the man was producing. It was like watching a fat, hungry glutton at an all-you-can-eat buffet with a complete lack of self control.

"Get to work on my overhang, too."

"Huh?" Colin got confused for a moment before the man lifted up his gut to reveal the sweaty fold beneath the fat. Right, overhang. that's what it's called. Colin had one now too.

Giving in to his perversions, Colin put his face up to the smelly, dark area beneath the man's gut. The odor was even stronger down there, and Colin was determined to worship the large man and his powerful presence (really it was just his body odor). He licked and kissed to furiously that he didn't even realize he was slowly creeping down towards the man's crotch.

"Oh, I see you're hungry, boy?" Grayes did notice, as he undid his belt. He put his hands on his massive belly and pushed it up to make space for Colin to get on his cock. It was already hard and sticky from all the belly play they had done earlier. Colin eagerly followed down towards the salty trail of precum dripping from his dick.

"Oh yeah, Colin. That's a good boy..." Grayes voice cracked a bit. He started thrusting his cock into Colin's mouth forcefully.

"Oh yeah. Oh fuck yeah!"

Even though he pushed his stomach up to make space, Grayes' enormous gut still pressed heavily against Colin's head, but really Colin wasn't going to complain about that. If anything, he loved feeling the weight of Grayes' massive gut on his face.

"Fuck yeah, Colin..." Encouraged by Grayes' satisfied groans, Colin kept at it until suddenly, a thick stream of salty semen pumped directly into his mouth. He tried to gulp it down, but still ended up getting a big streak of cum dripping down his budding double chin. He tried wiping some of it off, but then Grayes suddenly lifted him up and turned him around.

"Ah, fuck. I can barely reach it with how fat we both are..." there was a tinge of both frustration and excitement in how Grayes said that, his enormous, sweaty belly pressed up against Colin's back. He ripped the button off the smaller man's tight shorts; he wasn't going to be using it anytime soon with what Grayes had done to him. With one hand, he pulled out Colin's penis from the tight pants, and with the other he directed attention towards Colin's filled out moob: he pinched on his fat nipple as he jerked him off. Don't know how sensitive they were before, but Colin could definitely get off on playing with his nipples now.

"You fuckin' love it, don't you?"

"Uh..." All Colin could let out was a weak moan.

"You love being made into a doughy fuckin' boy, don't you?"

"You love that I made you into this? All fat? And soft? A real lardass..."


"C'mon. Say it out loud for me, boy."

"Yes, Sir..."

"Yes Sir what?"

"Yes Sir... I love being a fat lardass. Thank you for making me this obese!" Colin's cock jumped up as he said that.

"That's a good fatboy." and with that comment, Grayes put his hand down towards Colin's newly gained beer belly and slapped it, sending a jiggle rippling throughout his entire fatty body.

"Urnng!.." That was the last straw for Colin as he shot a load all over the pub's floor. For a moment there was only the sound of two fat men gasping for air.

"Welcome to the club, Colin, ya fatass." Grayes laughed as he patted Colin affectionately on his bloated beer belly.

"Uh, thanks." answered Colin, wheezing from his added weight.

"I guess... that means no to the gym thing?" he laughed, jiggling his new fat body.

"Yeah. That goes for the both of us, heh."

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